Webcast (Streaming)

A webcast is more than just a simple media: it is a lasting solution that gives body and appeal to the messages you want to get across. For internal and external business relationships, the webcast - passive or active (streaming) - responds perfectly to the new reality of communication.

Seize the possibilities provided by the Internet and increase the scope of your communications. Distribute your content and help make your audience contribute by sharing information through webcams and chat interfaces. A webcast is a perfect solution to make it more exciting to broadcast lectures, training, annual reports, etc.

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Relevant to the masses as well as small targets, content broadcasting on the Internet is a method of great flexibility. It allows you to broadcast information in a continuous or delayed manner. Not to mention: a webcast is an affordable solution especially since it requires no downloading prior to viewing.

At Nexun Media, our team strives to offer you the best of the Internet. Therefore we are able to adapt your content for a webcast which is a very interesting way to interact with your audiences. In short, when it comes to digital solutions, Nexun Media is your web partner!  

Webcast (Streaming) : somes examples

Project : Website with Streaming
Date : 2009-12-17

Together with Montreal business enterprise Nova-Lux, who brought forth a concept called “Champs de pixels,” Nexun Media is proud to announce the delivery of this webcasting solution in record time. This will be an exclusive live broadcast on the Web site. At the very heart of Montreal’s ‘Quartier des spectacles’ you’ll find a street all lit up where the public is invited to take a photo and send it on the spot by E-mail. A novel and artistic idea, this will also encourage people to send and share comments and/or previously unpublished photographs. Don’t forget! This one-time event will take place between December 11, 2009 and January 6, 2010, inclusively.

Project : Website
Date : 2016-03-09


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