Search engine marketing

You launch a new product, you're in a marketing period, or you simply want to quickly attract users to your website? These are all good reasons to resort to SEM, that is to say keywords purchase in search engines. This digital solution is perfect for your immediate needs as well as visibility for your short term business strategies.

With search engine marketing you ensure that your website will be in one of the top spots in search engines' results pages. Customers can access your website from paid links located in the commercial sections of search pages, and you pay only for the number of times these links were clicked. SEM is an effective solution especially when you have to deal with short deadlines.

SEM: action, reaction

Used only for quick results or with organic SEO for better website performance on the internet, search engine marketing can be very useful. This is why web professionals at Nexun Media use this digital solution to benefit your organization by indexing keywords that best represent your business. For superior quality web results, entrust your organic SEO and SEM strategies to Nexun Media.


Search engine marketing : somes examples

Project : Constructeur Virtuel
Date : 2013-08-02
The new Constructeur Virtuel helps you to plan and estimate a construction project like deck, shed, garage, cottage and even a home extension. 
As self builders, contractors and other professionals will enjoy a unique, simple and easy experience to consult the preliminary plans, the sectional and the 3D view. Once your project is completed, print the list of necessary construction materials and ask a quote to your local dealer.
Nexun Media, proud partner of this new generation tool, invites you to spread the good news to all. From the latest technology, ready for smartphone and tablets devices, enjoy the new Constructeur Virtuel to better plan and carry out your construction projects.

Project : Website (Sico)
Date : 2006-06-21
Nexun Media has been Sico's technological integrator since 1996.

The site presents Sico products, tips and advice, major colour trends as well as Sico's ever popular Virtual Decorator.

The site required a “design” feel without sacrificing the ease of navigation to which regular site visitors had become accustomed.

Project : Apartments for rent search website
Date : 2010-11-18, online since 1997, changes its name, look and technology platform to become GO! Apartments for rent. Equipped with the latest geolocation search applications such as Google Maps®, Google Street View® and Google Places®, the new site becomes one of the most convenient and effective apartements search tool in its category.

With already over 400 000 annual visits, and an acquired position in the major search engines, this new version offers real estate owners and managers a central platform for managing all real estate related stuff.

Indeed, the search engine can be integrated (a single line of code) in advertisers' websites no matter their technology while allowing them to benefit from mass distribution via the GO! Apartements for rent website. In addition, the rental units management system is simple and easy to use regardless of the number of homes an owner or manager can have.

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