Information architecture

Organizing content within a tree has a direct impact on your website’s usability and navigation. Your information architecture must allow users and potential customers to obtain the desired information quickly and directly.

When a web site is developed, nothing should be left to chance. That is why our specialists are building your website’s skeleton while taking special care at ordering content logically to produce an attractive digital tool to both users and search engines.

Website Ergonomics

Transforming the subjects you want to address into organized categories, creating a tree structure hierarchy and build a coherent network of links between your web pages to optimize navigation: These are all operations that require skill and thoroughness, hence the importance of a tree structure hierarchy built with great accuracy.

Entrust this particular task to Nexun Media’s team, whose expertise ensures the precise structuring of your content as well as your digital tools’ efficiency and functionality.

Information architecture : somes examples

Project : Website and Extranet
Date : 2012-03-02
Centre de développement du porc du Québec is a center of expertise contributing to Quebec’s pork business’ dynamism with its services, its knowledge transfer activities and its involvement in several research and development projects.

After conducting a well-crafted functionality analysis for CDPQ in 2011, Nexun Media has just delivered the Centre’s new website. Boasting renewed information architecture, an ultra-performing search engine, an auto-managed newsletter and many more features that members of the organization’s management and staff will manage by themselves using Kentico’s state of the art content management system.

An extranet with restricted access has also been designed for the management and access to countless documents and secure information of all kinds placed at the disposal of the members.

Besides, the comments are unanimous at CDPQ, Kentico CMS is very easy and simple to use, says Mrs. Bolduc, management services manager: “After completing the Kentico CMS training, I must say I am very happy with the result, it is very easy to use. Nexun Media’s promise was held and we are very pleased with your services”.

Project : Virtual Decorator
Date : 2008-03-01
Multimedia application that, in 5 steps, guides the user in his choice of colours, products, finishes and dealer, and in the calculation of paint quantities necessary to his project. At the end of the process, the user can print a sheet summarizing his choices. The “Dealer Locator” section uses the Google Maps technology that is applied to all Sico sites.

Project : Website
Date : 2013-07-30
For over 20 years, Précision Portes d’Acier devotes all its efforts to assemble an high-quality residential door.

Specializing in the design of a unique product, this enterprise has developed a door that stands out for the choice of components, quality of assembly, its innovation and aesthetics.

Another web design and mobile by Nexun Media, hosted on our infrastructures with the powerful content management system Kentico CMS.

We wish long life and good success to this new website of Précision Portes d'Acier.

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