Email campaigns

Whether for information, promotion, or client prospecting, email campaigns are sure to complement your marketing communications, regardless of purpose. At Nexun Media we can help your email campaigns take shape, from their design up to their layout.

Simple, cheap and effective, email campaigns increase the impact and retention of the messages you want to get across to your audiences. This digital solution draws its strength from the segmentation. Indeed, with an email campaign, you are able to send personalized messages tailored to the particularities of each of your targets. It is a strategy whose accuracy and flexibility can be very beneficial to your business relationships.

Email campaigns: a safe bet

Not only are email campaigns allowing you to draw a sharp profile of the recipients, but they are also easily measurable. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the benefits, or in other words, measure your return on investment.

Email campaigns embellish your communications, whether ad hoc or casual. Graphics and text within them are the result of meticulous work involving special skills. At Nexun Media, our expertise in this area allows us to deliver digital solutions whose results are extremely fruitful.

Email campaigns : somes examples

Project : Website
Date : 2010-07-27
Website design for a beautiful Quebec cottage for rent with a spa in the Quebec City area. Located nearby Stoneham Ski Center and 5 minutes away from a golf course. This first website showcases nearby activities, a photo gallery and all necessary information for the cottage rental. A search engine optimization and social media strategy has also been organized.

Project : Electronic newsletter
Date : 2011-07-12

Nexun Media is proud to generously support the teams that will participate in the 4th edition of Ride for ALS to be held September16-18, 2011. This fundraising activity is organized by the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Quebec.

To support the organization, Nexun provides a communication platform that will allow all family members, friends and donors who encourage the event's cyclists to stay in touch. Congratulations to all those who support the work of ALS.

Project : Website
Date : 2005-06-17
The citizens of this city are proud to see their municipality equipped with such a comprehensive site promoting communication and access to information for all its inhabitants. Site design and architecture encourage visitors to consult the numerous and topical content elements, inline with the city's dynamic image.

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